Well Pump Repair in Hubbard County

Well services
To enjoy clean, safe water in your home or business, you need a well that’s properly drilled and plumbed by knowledgeable professionals. Ehresmann Water Wells is ready to deliver complete water well and pump oversight, including water well drilling in the Park Rapids and surrounding areas. Unlike other contractors who might look up general data and start drilling, we bring refined expertise to the jobsite and work with precision. Our experts don’t have to think twice about the job they’re doing and neither will you.

Pump Repair and Installation

Using only the best equipment and relying on industry experience dating back to 1995, we’re an authority on well pump installation and repairs. Call on us for service due to malfunctioning mechanical parts, electrical systems and general misconnections. We solve problems such as irregular or continuous pump cycling, pressurization issues and complete pump failure. We’re also available 24/7 in the event you need emergency service.

For new pump installations, we use superior stainless-steel pumps that won’t rust or crack over time. In addition, our team secures all connections with brass fittings and poly waterline, to prevent leakage and failure. For wiring, we take care to carefully wire with only the best materials to avoid kinks in the circuit that might otherwise develop into problems.

Pump Cleaning and Inspections

Maintaining a well-working pump is crucial. We deliver routine pump cleanings and inspections to assure the function of your system, while also extending its life. Our cleaning removes oxidation and buildups, and we can also provide screen cleaning and replacement as part of a thorough well inspection.

To make sure you’re getting safe water that’s free of impurities or contaminants, we provide well testing. Not only can we determine the composition of your water, we can also recommend treatment options in the event of mineral concentrations or other presences. If water contaminant levels are dangerous, talk to us about Drilling a new well.

Get Well and Pump Service

For water well and pump service you can count on, choose Ehresmann Water Wells. From drilling, to pump installation, to service and repair, we do the job right every time. Contact us today at 218-732-1945.